AV System Integration

Multimedia Collaboration

Multimedia Collaboration is a research area within the Communication and Collaboration System group. Work in this area develops technologies and prototypes for collaborative systems, both synchronous and asynchronous via audio, video, and data, person-to-person or group-to-group.
We believe that three layers are needed to build a useful and usable Multimedia Collaboration system.
• The bottom layer is technology-centric. Here we develope computer vision based person tracking techniques, microphone array based sound source localization, probabilistic sensor fusion techniques using particle filters, virtual director techniques that can intelligently determine which view to show, dewarping techniques for equalizing people's size when captured with a wide-angle lense, etc.
• The top layer is user-centric. After all, the ultimate customers are the regular users. In this layer, we conduct research (with help from other groups) on UI design, usibility study, and social/psychological implications to our system. This layer is not our group's core focus. But we believe our interaction with other groups in this layer will significantly benefit our overall system design.
• The middle layer is the system, bridging the technology and user consideration, and delivers the final experience.

All the three layers are focusing specifically on communication and collaboration.

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